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A Mission with a Vision:
The Sisters of St. Ann who take their roots from the Founders of the Congregation - Marchioness & Marquis of Barolo, handed over their legacy to Mother Enrichetta, the co-foundress way back in the 18th century, were the visionaries - who wanted to give the world a better society through education.

Walking in their foot steps and carrying out their vision is our mission. They knew that education was the only missile that would enable man to uphold his dignity, fight injustice and demarkate him from the rest of the animal kingdom.

With the changing scenario, our task as educators has become more challenging. Its not just imparting quality education to child but make him/her a responsible, caring, loving well integrated adult. The right combination of intellect and wisdom are essential. Striking the right balance is the prime duty as an educator.

Here every child is taught to compete with herself, rather than competing with others. Every time she succeeds, she adds to her growth. The change is internal, the competition to better oneself as a human being. This equips her to face all challenges with confidence.

Faith Formers of St. Ann’s High School, Bolarum: The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a systematic presentation of the Catholic Faith that enables the faithful to know the full symphony of Faith. In the Catechism we see the wealth of teaching that the Church has received, safeguarded and proposed in her two thousand years of history. Pope Benedict XVI sees Catechism as a previous and indispensable tool. We the staff and students of St. Ann’s, Bolarum were given an opportunity to revive our faith in our Catholic religion.
Enrichetta Dominici
Founders Co-Foundress
Rev. Sr. Monica Francis Sr. Thresa Sr. Lourdes Mala
Faith Formers of St. Ann’s
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A Word from the Staff
"School is a home away from home". We, the staff at Sr. Ann's, Bolarum understand this fact and do our best to make it a reality for the children under our care. The sprawling campus, spacious classrooms unpolluted atmosphere add to our vigour to teach. Working in coordination with a management which lives upto all its ideals and encourages us in all our activities,is a booster for us.
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